Help us to understand how people classify different faces of cats

In order to help improve the detection of pain from the face of cats, we need to know whether different people classify the same cat faces in the same way. Please help us by taking this simple quiz. You will be shown a series of cat faces and for each one asked to indicate which model ‘face type’ you think it most closely resembles. Please note we want you to focus on the general shape of the face rather than the specific expression of the cat that might change with circumstance. For this reason, some of the images are deliberately a bit fuzzy. Please do not be put off by this.

At the end you will be asked to leave your contact details, this is voluntary and so we can contact you for follow up. If you are willing to help again later, please leave your details. If not, please add the text “x@y” to both of these fields, then click on submit. The quiz has 42 images but doesn’t take long (no more than 15 minutes). Please acknowledge your consent to take part by randomly selecting one of the quiz options below. If you wish to come back and do the other test, it is particularly useful to us if you provide the same contact details on both occasions so we can match your results on the two tests. Thank you for your help.