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If you own a cat that you think is in pain (i.e. they have recently been neutered or are currently suffering from some other painful condition or recent trauma, as diagnosed by a vet), we would like your help. Simply take a video or a picture of him/her and then upload this file into the designated section on this page.

How to take a suitable video or photo

  • Photo instructions: Ensure the cat’s face is as level with the camera as possible, facing directly in to it, but avoid making sounds or movements to get the cat’s attention. Avoid restraining the cat – if necessary please enlist the help of a second person to gently place their hands either side of the cat’s shoulders. Try to minimise background noise/disturbance. Stand about 1 metre away. Ensure the flash is turned off.
  • Video instructions: Start recording when the front view of the cat’s face is directly facing in to the camera. If the cat moves its head during filming, please gently move the camera in the same direction in order to keep the front view of the cat’s face in the camera as much as possible. Please film the cat for about 30-40 seconds.

Video Example

Photo Example

Upload your videos/photos

Videos must be .mp4 .avi .mov .wmv - max file size: 20MB
If your files are larger than 20mb please submit them via

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